Friday Fives: Five Clients I’m Loving

Over the last six-ish months, I have been working with businesses in the Des Moines metro on all things marketing. Before we knew Brand Launch was going to be the ship that carried all the clients, I took on a dozen or so of my own “freelance” clients under my own “Emily Ann LLC” and am sloooowly moving everything over to the agency Whit and I are building so I can focus on business growth instead of day-to-day implementation.

Like I said, it’s slow. For a lot of reasons. But in this time and space of continuing to freelance, I wanted to share a few of the clients I get to partner with + the magic we get to create together.

1. Project Iowa

Yep, back in the nonprofit game my friends. Project Iowa is helping people find meaning and purpose in life and their career. Through incredible programs, people are being transformed and most importantly, they believe in themselves. I have the honor of helping this business double down on all of their marketing strategies + tactics, as well as incorporating all of their new branding into the fabric of everything they do, print, type, and create.

2. FemCity

I’ve been a FemCity Hub President for a couple years now, and somehow have added many other responsibilities to my plate because of everything we are doing to make the experience better for Fems, with the goal of getting to 500 cities in 2019! From creating systems and automations to really understanding how we are communicating to different segments of our Fem communities, it is such a fascinating experience to work with a global brand!

3. Thrive Health Centers

I love working with clients in the health space and this client specifically is really helping people overcome massive health hurdles through integrative nutrition. Dr. Scott’s innovative approach to helping people heal is inspiring in so many ways. I get to help him streamline his marketing efforts, re-brand his entire site (thanks to an awesome local collaborator, Project 7) and educate a cold market on what integrative nutrition is and how he can help. We are just getting started and I am loving our synergy!

4. Outside-In Consulting

I have worked with Christina for the last 2-3 years on marketing and it has been amazing to see so much of our collaborative efforts launch this fall. A few years ago, she was looking for someone to help her manage her social media and now we are working on some very intentional, integrated marketing tactics so she can serve more individuals who are looking to transform themselves and show up powerfully in the world.

5. Susan G. Komen Greater Iowa

Being a part of the Komen team since July has been incredible. The work this organization does to support women who have been impacted by breast cancer is so important. I’ve had the privilege of helping this organization share their story further and louder through digital strategies, as well as think through processes and systems to make communications more effective.

It is so fascinating to work with such a variety of businesses and humans. If you’ve been struggling in the marketing game for a while or if you want to get up to speed on all the ways digital is changing and how you can be more effective (or creative!), drop me a note.