I may be speaking more to those of you who run your own business or those of you whose inbox is frequently getting filled up with inquiries, questions, requests, etc.

One of the projects I’m working on (and hiring help with super soon!) is getting my canned emails set up in Gmail. This is something Gmail provides as a feature and it is delightful. I’ve been using the canned email feature for a little over a year to welcome new FemCity Members and it has been glorious.

If you’re new to the “canned email” thing, it’s essentially an easy way to use the same email over and over again without ever typing it out. Ex: this is great for getting meetings scheduled or when you onboard a new client to have a specific email with the next steps, a form, etc.

One of the most common questions I get in my inbox is “what is FemCity Des Moines?” and questions along the lines of “is it a good fit for my business,” “who else is involved in my industry,” etc. My canned email answers the most common question, along with any specific questions outside of the usual. That way I respond with a personal greeting and then use the canned response to fill in the rest.

I’ve got a list of about 10 canned emails I will be focusing on building out in the next couple weeks to spend a little less time in my inbox and instead, do other work that lights me up or allows me to get in my genius zone.

Are you a fan of canned emails?

If you want a step-by-step, I love this!