In addition to always looking for my passwords like I talked about last week, I am almost always using the same 15-20 links, specifically in the Google Drive.

To go with my 2019 theme of “a little less” this post is all about “less wasted time searching for random sh*t” online.

From Google Doc templates to client folders to financial info, I’m making a commitment this week to cleaning up three areas in Google Land to make my life easier.

  1. Google Folders + Bookmarks
  2. Chrome Extensions
  3. Google Drive

Over the last year or so, I’ve been poorly using Google Chrome bookmark folders so I can quickly access the most important links in my life and business.

This will allow me to quickly access images for blog posts and update information on income + expenses.

One of my absolute favorite documents I’ve got in my bookmarks right now is my everyday life + business SOP (standard operating procedure). This is where I keep everything in regards to trainings, contacts, recipes, programs I’m in, affiliate links and codes, net worth, and everything in-between.

If I can answer in my head “was this hard to find?” it’s going in the SOP or a Bookmark Folder as of today. 😂

I’m also a huge fan of Chrome Extensions. One of my absolute favorites is the Eye Dropper. How many times are you hoping to match a color to something, only to use your eyeballs as you guess. This extension allows you to hover over a color online and it tells you what it is. Brilliant.

I also love, love, love Loom for quick video trainings and LastPass (per last week’s post), as well as Zoom to quickly schedule calls with interested clients or current clients. Any other Chrome Extensions that make your life easier?

And finally, Google Drive land. What I have created in Google Drive over the last 5+ years has resulted in a total disaster. It’s an organized disaster that I can somehow navigate, but it is still a mess. 😅

From shared folders from committees and clients and Zach and everything else, I am way overdue to get that thing organized and into better shape because I probably spend 30 minutes searching the Drive every single day to find something, which is a good realization to have.

Google Land should also technically include Gmail, but I can’t even right now with that. We’ll go ahead and save that for a week that is a bit more quiet.

Thoughts I’m currently having about this post:

  • Am I the only hot mess when it comes to Google organization?
  • Am I overcomplicating my entire life?
  • I am seriously wasting so much time searching for stuff, no wonder I’m working so much 😂
  • There is a light at the end of the tunnel about 60 miles away
  • Why have I done this to myself? lol

Ok, final thought + question…

What else about Google do I need to know?