Happy 2019!

Over the last couple years, I’ve gotten more and more intentional about minimalism and creating more boundaries around my time and energy.

It’s become even more important as a business owner to focus and stay the course with my boundaries because everything I do or don’t do has more consequences. Like my diet. If I don’t fuel myself with healthy foods, I don’t have the energy to sustain long hours of work. If I say yes to too many casual coffee dates, I don’t have time to get client work and marketing done for my own business, which pays my bills and allows us to do things we love… like travel.

A little less is just that, a little at a time.

I’ve found that less emailing, less events, less distractions, and less drama create room for so much more.

Like more freedom, more energy, more time, more space.

These posts will embody life as an entrepreneur, a business partner, a spouse, a friend, and an everyday human. I’m using this spot on the Internet as a way to hold myself accountable and also offer some ideas that will hopefully help you on your journey if you’re also feeling like less is best.

So here we are at week one.

The focus? Passwords

One thing I realized is how frequently I lose passwords or have to search everywhere for them so I’m creating a 1-hour time block to put all of my passwords in LastPass.

Less time wasted searching Google Drive, my phone, my Evernote, email chains, and Google Passwords will save me dozens of hours in 2019 I suspect… I use this program to a degree, but this week is all about ensuring it’s set up with all the relevant passwords, categories, etc. so I spend less time searching.

I imagine spending one whole hour doing this with my favorite podcast on will have a tremendous long-term impact. How do you manage all of your passwords?

Next week, I’m going to tackle canned emails. 😀