Upgrading the Condo

Zach and I have been in our condo in Sherman Hill for almost three years.

I always thought of our condo as a temporary place until we bought an RV or a craftsman in Des Moines or a home in the new Agrihood proposed for Cumming (yeah, we have a lot of different interests).

Since the market is doing so well, we thought we’d list the condo in February, use the equity to pay off a huge chunk of our student loans, live in the East Village for a bit (so I could walk to work + ditch our second car), and save to buy our next “home,” whatever that is.

However, when we went to list, our neighbor beat us to it. And while it shouldn’t matter, she listed hers for significantly lower than we were planning to and it made no sense for us to proceed.

It was a weird moment for me.

The condo was always felt like an apartment; I was never willing to invest much into it thinking we would never be here for long. But this 180 degree turn gave me a fresh perspective and a chance to rethink the space to make it “ours,” even if we’re only here a few more years.

Naturally I’ve spent 100 hours on Pinterest and West Elm, collecting ideas and inspiration. I’m starting with our bedroom, with the goal of replacing the carpet for new flooring (really feeling the bamboo option), a headboard, paint, one wall of wallpaper, and art.

I want to keep the place super simple, but I’ve had this desire to get more playful and colorful in decor. My minimalist tendencies haven’t given this place the personality that we both have. We both tend to spend extra cash on travels as well, which means our focus has almost never been on what’s in our space.

Maybe it’s because it’s winter and all we do is chill at home or maybe it’s because I’m finally feeling a teensy bit more rooted (scary word for me), but I am eager to make some changes that make me love this life and space of ours even more. 😍

Here are some of the pieces + looks I’m feeling.

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