Good Eats Des Moines

One of my favorite things in the world is eating.

However, I don’t much care for all of the things that involve the eating… like figuring out recipes, making grocery lists, going to the store, and putting it all away.

Because I know food is fuel, I try hard to ensure I am well-fed throughout the day with high quality, tasty food. Here are my go-to local options.

1. The Grateful Chef

I am a regular at The Grateful Chef. Their grab and go cooler has ready-made meals (like chickpea wraps and cranberry walnut chickpea salad), so I can stock up on quick meals to throw in the fridge so when I have a day of bouncing around. They’ve also got a freezer full of amazing meals you can keep frozen, but have ready pretty quickly. I cannot say enough good things about this company. The owners are also rad.

2. Prudent Produce

Fresh food delivered? Yes, please. Prudent goes out of their way to source organic, fresh fruits and vegetables and deliver them in the Des Moines area every Thursday (although you can pick every other week). I love that you can add on other items like kimchi, rice, and other essentials that help me avoid going to the grocery store. If you’ve been itching to add more organic produce into your life use the promo code hummingbird at check out for 25% off your first order. Holla!

3. Dogpatch Urban Gardens

Head over to the Beaverdale neighborhood and visit Dogpatch for more fresh produce options! Jenny Quiner is showing Des Moines what it looks like to be an urban farmer and has inspired many to grow their own produce and do it well. The FarmStand on their property is well stocked during warmer seasons and they host some great events!

4. Brightside Kitchen

These guys nail the “bowl” concept. From smoothie bowls to curry rice bowls, they are my go-to when I’m out west and need a little something (including oat milk lattes). Brightside Kitchen is starting to offer cooking classes as well that look really fun.

5. Fresh Cafe

Need an infusion of juice into your life? Kerry has your back. From 3 to 5 to 7 day plans, Fresh Cafe offers high quality juices that give your body lots of nutrients. I love fresh juice in the mornings or as a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Am I missing anything? Let me know below!

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