I’m starting this list with my favorite online purchases and tools I use explicitly online. These have all saved me time, energy, and money, and may be a good fit in your life. Enjoy!


The Day Designer

First and foremost, if you didn’t catch my review of The Day Designer, I am a huge fan. This paper planner has exactly the right system to put everything in one place. So if you’re like me and have endless to-dos and a hectic schedule, this is your hub. You get to run your life, so your life doesn’t run you. Find the perfect planner in size you desire, the cover/color you absolutely love, and a price that works for you. Not sure yet? Check out their freebies!


money + financials


If you’re ever so blessed to have student loans like I do, Credible is an amazing resource to refinance and get a plan in place to pay off your loans within however many years you choose. They make it easy to see the interest rates, how much interest you would pay with the timeframe you committed to, and once you’re ready to refinance, the process is seamless!


Holler if you love shopping online! I find that I save more money at my favorite stores. Just this holiday season, I took advantage of JCrew’s first 40% off everything Cyber Monday (with free shipping) and they had 10% Ebates cash back. I saved 50% total and have a nice deposit waiting for me in Ebates. Some of my friends have $500 from using Ebates while they shop. This is a no-brainer for me. Do you use it? Start now!



When we travel, it is almost exclusively using Airbnb or credit card points. There are hundreds of options in every city and you can get really specific on what you want, like a hot tub, wifi, dog-friendly, and so much more. Get $40 off your first visit somewhere using this link