Coffee Shop Favorites in Des Moines

Des Moines has a growing coffee scene, something I am continually excited about.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect patio for some sips or alternative options to skim milk, you’ll be glad you stopped by these five spots. Why these specifically? The experiences these coffee shops provide, from the customer service to the detail in every cup, will enrich all of your senses. Who doesn’t want that when choosing a spot to get a nice caffeine buzz?

Horizon Line Coffee

Stop in for a maple oat milk latte and thank me later. The tall ceilings, bright walls, and sweet personalities of the baristas + owners make this my absolute favorite option for grabbing a caffeinated beverage. Bonus: they roast their own coffee in-house.

coffee des moines 2

Mars Cafe

This coffee shop helped me endure the last couple years of college, considering I lived directly across the street. When I actually started appreciating coffee, I could not get over the bold flavors of their drip coffee. I still absolutely love popping in for their Mars Blend and continue to covet the Pumpkin Chai during the fall months. Mars has a few locations in Des Moines & here’s the newest below, in the heart of downtown.

coffee des moines


During the warmer months, make sure to grab your iced mocha (yes, specifically that drink) and head to the back patio! When it’s a little cooler, cozy up with a friend near their front windows and surround yourself with lush, green indoor plants. When I’m planning a ” let’s catch up” date, this is one of my favorites. With no wifi, there’s a specific vibe there that’s refreshing.

St. Kilda

This newer restaurant in Des Moines is one of my favorites when it comes to overall design and vibes. You can come in hungry and leave absolutely, positively satisfied from warm toast with literally whatever they put on it. Jam. Eggs. They just do it right. They also make their brewed coffee just right. Enjoy this new Australian restaurant in Des Moines!

Grounds for Celebration

If ever presented an opportunity to drink something warm during the freezing cold, Iowa winters, I gravitate towards Grounds for Celebration. Their coffee shops both have a fireplace, which instantly puts me in a better mood. Bonus: the Beaverdale location has gelato.