Do you want to make a bigger impact in your business or organization?

I offer marketing freelance services to both local and national brands who want to increase visibility, credibility, and profitability. Let me break this down a little more…


Are you on the right channels for your business? If so, are you optimizing your social posts and presence?

Visibility trumps ability. 

A competitor may have a worse service or product, but if they’ve saturated the market, you still don’t get the business. People have to know about you to decide to purchase from you, so let’s get them seeing you through creative + strategic tactics.


What do people think when they experience your brand? If you are unaware of all the touch points that exist along the customer journey, it’s time to break those down and ensure they are remarkable. Yep, remarkable. Don’t be like the rest.

Investing in existing customers is a no-brainer because they have the opportunity to become your biggest champions.

Get them talking, taking photos, referring, and coming back again and again. The “top of mind” strategies will ensure other people find you and purchase from you quicker.


At the end of the day, the purpose of marketing is to increase revenue + profits. Together, we’ll track KPIs to understand where we are making the most impact with marketing dollars and time resources.

From gauging e-commerce sales to tracking email conversions, together we’ll dive into what efforts are working and where. And then we’ll make data-driven decisions together as we move the needle in your business.


let's work together!

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As an efficiency expert and marketing maven, here are a few businesses I currently own + operate! I use the exact systems I teach my clients in my own businesses to make a significant impact.


I co-created this fun business in 2014 to offer more yoga in the Des Moines metro. We partner with businesses + brands to offer fun, community based yoga classes.

FemCity Des Moines

In 2016, I rebranded this group and built a team to help us grow it from 5 members to 500+ in one year. We are a community of positive women in business.


Whitney Warne and I started this business in 2018 and currently offer personal branding services, as well as local influencer marketing in the Des Moines market.