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  • Running a business can be hella isolating. When I was brain dumping the concept of Brand Launch via voice text to Whit, she was like “want me to support your idea or make this thing happen together?” So we made a biz babe happen and I feel lucky every day to have a bestie and partner that I get to make magic with. Happy birthday @ivoryhousephotography, can’t wait to see what unfolds in year 3️⃣2️⃣.
  • Just put in the second order of Des Moines Love tees with @thesidegarage this weekend! The thought is to create fun DSM ❤️ themed products. So what’s next? Hoodies? Tanks? Notebooks? The possibilities are endless. #desmoines #catchdsm #dsmusa
  • For the last week, I have eliminated dairy and gluten and most sugar from my diet and am feeling 🤩 To make the process more fun, I partnered up with @prudent_produce to try lots of fresh, organic fruits and veggies. They get delivered right to my door on Thursday’s! You can support this amazing local business by signing up and getting 25% off your first order by using the promo code hummingbird. 🐦 #goodfooddelivered #desmoines #dsmusa #catchdsm


This is blog post four in my 2019 focus on “A Little Less.” Less waste, less stuff, less distractions, less crappy food, less energy spent on things I don’t love.  When I learned about time blocking from the amazing Todd Herman, I started using it right away. If you’ve been a part of the FemCity …

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